Greenwood Park

150 Greenwood Ave, Toronto

A 6.2 hectare park off Greenwood Ave featuring two lit ballpark diamonds, a multipurpose field, a dog off-leash area, community garden, splash pad, and children’s playground. A 35m pool sets at the north end of the park and a covered outdoor artificial ice rink.


Matty Eckler Park, Playground, and Community Centre

The Matty Eckler Recreation Centre is a facility providing swimming programs at their indoor pool with affordable prices. A smaller park compliments the community centre with a ball park, lovely shaded area with chess tables, splash park, and a small playground.


Leslie Grove Park

1158 Queen St E, Toronto

A small park located at Jones Ave and Queen St E with a ball diamond, wading pool, and children’s playground.


Hideaway park

23 Audley Ave, Toronto

An adorable park near the corner of Audley Ave and Pape Ave with a dog off-leash area, a wading pool, multi-use pad, and a children’s playground.


Jimmie Simpson Park & Recreation Centre

872 Queen St E, Toronto

Just west of Logan and Gerrard is a park with recreation centre at its heart that offers a wide variety of programs. All services are free, including Pilates and yoga for adults, and an expansive variety of swimming programs for both adults and children at any level of experience. The park outside also sports an artificial ice rink, tennis courts and soccer field.

The Beaches

Woodbine Beach

Woodbine Beach is the largest of all the eponymous beaches, stretching along Lake Shore Boulevard at the food of Woodbine Ave. The water quality of the area is certified Blue Flag for cleanliness, which combined with its carefully groomed sand and low level of seaweed, makes it the perfect swimming venue in the east end. The beach plays host to over a sprawling sandy field of volleyball courts, rental facilities for bicycles, canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards, as well as an Olympic sized swimming pool. The Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Olympic Pool is an outdoor facility which overlooks the beach and hosts a number of events. Woodbine is a popular venue to view fireworks every Victoria Day.  

Woodbine Park

The massive Woodbine park plays host to a number of events over the course of the average year, such as the recurring Buskerfest and Woofstock – North America’s largest festival for dogs. It includes pleasant areas for walking, including a fountain surrounded by a miniature boardwalk and graced by public restrooms. The large facility that was once Greenwood Raceway sits nearby, founded in 1874 for various types of horse racing. It now plays home to off-track entertainments, with a new cinema in its eastern site.

Kew Gardens

A busy 6.5 hectare park stretching from Queen Street East down to the Lakeshore. It includes a cenotaph, seasonal flower beds and a library. The interior sports a wading pool, playground, naturalized and open grassy areas, a baseball diamond, tennis courts and an artificial ice rink in the winter.

Balmy Beach Park

A historic 7.3 hectare park home to a lawn bowling club, playground, and outdoor fitness equipment. There’s also a dogs off leash area along the shoreline southeast of the park.

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant sits just north east of Balmy Beach Park. It is both a crucial piece of city infrastructure and a critically acclaimed historical site. The dramatic art nouveau architecture houses a water treatment facility built in 1941 that still provides approximately 45% of the city’s water today. The grounds are free for the public to peruse and appreciate this historic site.


Farmer’s Market

Cabbagetown’s Farmer’s Market takes place from June to October, 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Riverdale Park West. Opened in 2001, it was Toronto’s first organic market. It was closed for a short while in 2015 until strong community drive brought it back, wishing to make sustainably sourced food more available to downtown residents.


Cabbagetown Festival

Typically happening in early September, the Cabbagetown Festival showcases the community’s best and brightest as locals of all kind take to the streets. Arts and crafts vendors, a myriad of food offerings, entertainment and more are on display for this colourful festival.

The Toronto Necropolis

An unorthodox place to visit, but one of the most beautiful. The Toronto Necropolis dates back to the 1850s, making it one of the city’s oldest cemeteries. Stunning Gothic and Victorian architecture is surrounded by a generous amount of greenery, and there are even a few stained glass windows. The Toronto Necropolis is the resting place of many important figures in Canadian history, including Toronto’s first mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie, and Jack Layton.

Riverdale Park West

This massive park sits on the East side of Cabbagetown. There’s plenty of space to wander while also leaving room for a number of facilities, including two ball diamonds, a cricket pitch, a picnic site, wading pool, pond and dog off-leash area.


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