Envision Agent Stories: Jessica Acquaviva

Envision Realty has grown a lot since its inception in 2016, and one of the agents who has been here to watch that growth for quite some time has been Jessica Acquaviva. We sat down with her to ask about her journey as an agent, because she didn’t start out in the real estate industry as a realtor: she started as an office administrator.  


Before she started at Envision, she worked in retail management. She had been looking for a change of career, and her husband’s friend, Oren, convinced her to look into real estate. He’d recently joined Envision as an agent and suggested she sit down to speak with the Brokerage’s owner: Salar. She spent a few hours with him and their talk immediately confirmed that she knew she wanted to work in real estate.

jessica and salar.jpg


Before making the switch, she spoke with a few different agents and brokers of record to find out what would make the transition smoothest. The best advice she was given was to work at a brokerage to gain experience and see how the industry worked, while studying for her real estate license. Administration would be a perfect fit.


Jessica’s experience was entirely in management, but she was easily able to use skills from her sales and public relations background to strengthen what she could for the brokerage. The rest Salar taught her as they went. They worked as a team to come up with systems and ways to make it smooth for everyone to ensure the core values of the brokerage was felt in every transaction. 


As she was studying her courses online through OREA, Jessica was able to implement their teachings right away, because she was already working in the office. It was invaluable to gain on the job experience while receiving a salary. It helped ease her into the industry and to set realistic goals for herself. Any person starting out in an industry with 100% commission has a fear of where their next pay will come from or how long it will be, but working so closely with agents made it evident that the harder you work and the better you take care of your clients, the stronger your financial situation will be.


“I focus on what I can control. Giving the best customer service, working with integrity, and being passionate about the work and people will help me achieve those goals.”


Smart planning insured there was no real challenge in switching gears to being a full-time realtor. She worked closely with Salar and he expertly mentored her on dealing with different situations, negotiations and gaining leads so much so that she closed a deal just four days after getting licensed. 


While she was elated with the change of pace, the hardest part of becoming a realtor was finding the right balance between work and life. “Real estate never sleeps,” she says, “I know it’s a cliché but it really is true. Having that moment when you have to say to yourself ‘no you can’t show that unit to the client and make it to the wedding in the same day’ can be tricky. Having a support team around you that can help you with clients so they are still get the right experience and you are still able to enjoy life is what drew me to Envision.”


If she had to give advice to anyone else looking to make the switch, it would be this: “Find a brokerage with people you WANT to be around. As a real estate agent, you have the luxury to surround yourself with people who motivate, support, and challenge you. From clients to team members, you are only as good as the people around you and finding that perfect fit is important. Once you have found it do whatever you can to engage and get involved in the brokerage as soon as you can to help build your confidence and experience. Real estate can’t be a hobby. It needs to be a career and when you invest in your business and clients that’s when you will see rewards.”


“Having the privilege of working in a boutique brokerage really gives you a feel of community and family. We work well together and encourage and motivate each other so we can build our brand. Watching the brokerage continue to grow and all the amazing clients I’ve met and agents I’ve worked with has defined my real estate experience in the best ways.”