10 Things to Look for When Buying a New Home

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            Buying a home is a big deal, and there’s a lot of planning that needs to go into such a big decision. Here at Envision Realty, we like to help out where we can. Whether a first-time home owner, or a long-time investor, here the top 10 things that all buyers should look at in real estate before they take the plunge. Since it will arguably be the biggest investment of your life, it's important to get it right the first time.

1.     Pick the right location: Where you live is a personal choice, but be wary of living next to a highway or railway. Think about where you, personally are in life, and where you want to live, but also keep re-sale down the line in mind as well (more on that later!)

2.     Don't go over budget: Your budget should be your number one priority when shopping.  Stick to it regardless of what you see, and make sure your real estate agent respects this as well in what he or she shows you.

3.     Pick a good re-sale home: Re-sale is something to consider seriously. This means that location, size and amount of rooms, etc all become important, even if they aren’t personally relevant. 

4.     Check the foundation: If the foundation has large cracks or weak spots, it's a red flag that will cost you a lot in the future, and can ruin a house entirely. Check for large, damaging cracks and make sure that you walk away if you find them.

5.     Water Pressure: Be sure to check all the taps in a home to verify that the water is reasonably pressurized. No one likes a weak shower!

6.     Sticky or awkward windows: If a window sticks or it just doesn't slide up or down like it should, take this as a sign that there are potential issues with your windows.  They may also affect the safety of your home, too.

7.      Any signs of mould: Mould is bad, both for the structure of the home and for the health of those living in it.  Check everywhere for it, including under paint, under rugs, and in the bathroom.

8.     Consider the number of bedrooms: Bedrooms and their sizes are important for you and for re-sale.  Check on their sizes and how many there are that are waiting to be used.  It may impact your decision.

9.     Ventilation issues: Poor ventilation shows in bubbling paint and indoor condensation.  Make sure you check for poor ventilation and ask about the system in use, if any.

10.  Obvious neglect: If you see any obvious neglect like chipping paint or peeling floors, it's a sign that bigger issues may exist that can be costly.

             Whether for personal use or profit, buying a property is an investment. Consider your current situation and your future to make the most out of your dollars. If you have any questions about these tips, be sure to leave us a comment and we’ll look into it! Envision Realty will help you get the property that you deserve for the right financial savings.