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ENVISION is a boutique real estate brokerage based in Leslieville, TO.


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ENVISION is a boutique Real Estate Brokerage based in Leslieville, TO.

Founded in 2016 by Salar Taba, ENVISION is a full time and full service brokerage. Serving our clients directly and growing our business is the only thing we do. From selling, to buying, to rental, to investment we are fully committed to working with you to achieve your vision, at any stage of your journey in life, and at your own pace.

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About our Realtors
All Together in One Place
We founded ENVISION with the express purpose of demystifying the real estate process and creating a more personal partnership between broker and client.

Leading the Industry
As an investment, real estate is one of the most significant decisions of your life. The process of buying and selling can be exhausting and this is why we want to make it as safe and simple for you as possible.

Our Clients
Confident in Your Choice
For us, the bond between broker and client is all about trust. The foundation of that trust is based on assertive communication, educating you about the process, defending your interest every step of the way, catering to your individual situation, adapting as your needs change or evolve, and giving you time to feel confident about making the right choices.

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Tailored Solutions
Member Features
Our relationship with you is greater than any single interaction or sale and, we will never settle or compromise until you have taken the next bold and confident step in realizing your vision, at any stage of your journey in life.

Our Charter of Values

The Toronto Real Estate Board requires all licensed brokers to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. At ENVISION, we are proud to serve and uphold this Code in everything we do.