Leslieville Fitness

Looking for the perfect spot to exercise in Leslieville? Envision Realty has you covered as today we’re going to share with you some of our favourite local Leslieville fitness hotspots. Whether you’re just looking for a pleasant stroll or a wanting to get into MMA, Leslieville has it all.



The Rock Oasis

Leslieville fitness the rock oasis rock climbing.jpg

Looking to try something new, both challenging and addicting, fun and functional? The Rock Oasis offers a massive space for rock climbing and is conveniently located around Gerrard and Carlaw. They offer helpful instruction, classes for both young and old participants, and facilities that cater to new and experienced climbers alike. They also feature generously late hours and are open 365 days a year for convenience. The staff is incredibly friendly and you’ll have found your new favourite sport in no time!

Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre & Park

Leslieville fitness jimmie simpson recreation centre pool.jpg

Just west of Logan and Gerrard is a park with recreation centre at its heart that offers a wide variety of programs. All services are free, including Pilates and yoga for adults, and an expansive variety of swimming programs for both adults and children at any level of experience. The park outside also sports an artificial ice rink, tennis courts and soccer field.


Sweat and Soda

While this Queen and Jones location functions primarily as a café, it truly aims to be a hub for runners, cyclists, and every other facet of Leslieville’s fitness community. They offer complimentary lockers if you’re headed out for a run, and maps of jogging routes decorate their walls. As for food, they offer a variety of healthy options, catering to both vegan and paleo crowds alike. Kombucha, coffee, smoothies and more are on tap, and you’re sure to meet like-minded individuals also stopping by for a spell on their way.


Tommy Thompson Park

Leslieville fitness tommy thompson park.jpg

This entry might be cheating, as it isn’t truly in Leslieville, but it’s just a short jog south. Tommy Thompson Park is an entirely man-made peninsula once meant for port services that is now covered in a spread of “accidental” wilderness. The area is lined with a number of trails for walking, jogging, and cycling. There’s plenty of space for you to get in some quality cardio while observing the surrounding nature and a great view of the Toronto skyline.



Leslieville Gyms

Leslieville fitness leslieville gym map workout.png


No fitness guide would be complete without gyms. Gyms are the bread and butter of most fitness routines, and while they aren’t uncommon to every neighbourhood, Leslieville has a MASSIVE number of gyms for its size. Here we’ll briefly touch on a few of them.


New Frontier Fitness

Relatively new to the Carlaw and Jones area, New Frontier Fitness offers a number of structured, fighting-style based programs. They cover everything from youth programs, to circuit fitness training, boxing and kickboxing. Their facilities and trainers are top of the line.


One Academy Fitness,

Voted by Blog TO as the best specialty fitness club in Toronto in 2018, and top Leslieville gym in 2017, One Academy is a prestigious facility specializing in group workouts and personal training. They have also branched into offering chiropractic services, physiotherapy and massage therapy. They are located in the Queen and Greenwood area.


Move Fitness

Move is a boutique fitness club exclusively for women in the Queen and Carlaw area. Their massive 5000sqft industrial chic space includes luxury amenities and a dedication to wellness and growth, not just losing pounds. They have programs aimed at mothers, children, and also offer nutritional consultation.



This studio, also near Dundas and Carlaw, focuses on the integration of both Physio and Pilates into a program suited for both rehab and fitness.


Dwell Gym

Boasting 24/7 access, flexible memberships and no yearly contracts, Dwell Gym offers both monthly memberships and 1 on 1 training. They are also located by Dundas and Carlaw.



Combat-Focused Gyms


Looking for a little more punch in your workout routine? These Leslieville fitness installations feature a more combat-oriented approach.


Hone Fitness

Hone offers a free consultation to get started, and generous $0 enrollment fee. Just $15 bi-weekly gets you access to a huge number of the most innovated exercise equipment available. They also offer personal training, and are conveniently located at Queen and Carlaw.


9 Round Leslieville

Started by a kickboxing world champion, 9round focuses on short, precisely devised 30 minute kickboxing styled workouts for those of us with little time on our hands. Their Leslieville location is near Dundas and Carlaw.


Primal Academy

This massive 8000sqft Gerrard and Carlaw location offers it all: from freestyle conditioning to bootcamp classes to martial arts and MMA training. Relatively small classes allow for careful coaching and support.


Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club

Canada’s first ever female-owned boxing gym for woman and trans people offers a safe space to get fit and also train for competitive boxing.



If yoga is more your speed, Leslieville sports a fair few spots to stretch out and relax. Setu Yoga Studio, Spirit Loft Movement Centre, and Leslieville Yoga are spread around the neighbourhood for your convenience.  


Your Day-to-day

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Doing chores? Heading to a local job? Visiting a friend? Shopping? Leslieville is an incredibly diverse neighbourhood with enough local businesses and accessibility to resources that you can get to just about anything you could want with an easily manageable walk. Leave a couple minutes earlier and forgo the TTC or your car for a cheap, healthy stroll. Take in the local art, architecture, and discover new nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t have spotted otherwise.



Have any favourite local fitness spots? Shoot us a message and we’ll feature them! Leslieville is the home of our Brokerage and we love learning about new places in it every day.