The Best Neighbourhoods in the GTA with Great Cost of Living for Retired Seniors

When on the hunt for a home to call your own, whether you're looking to rent or buy, the decision that you make is critical for your ideal way of life.  After all, deciding where to hang your hat is a big choice that you want to make sure comes together in the right way to give you all of your must-haves without breaking the bank.  If you're at the point in your life where you are looking for that place as a senior, we have got the right neighbourhoods to offer you the independence that you're looking for while still focusing on the things that matter the most to you for your life goals.

 The Top Neighbourhoods


 Average Sold Housing Price: $790K

(as of August-September 2018)

2 Bedroom Detached House: $640K
3 Bedroom Detached House: $740K
4 Bedroom Detached House: $911K
2 Bedroom Condo: $438K
3 Bedroom Condo: $648K 

For life within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) on a budget, one of the best spots to look at for retirement living is in Newmarket. The town of Newmarket is an exceptional place to live and it has been continuously named one of the Best Places to Live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine. This beautiful town is comfortably situated between the busy City of Toronto and Ontario’s cottage country. This creates an ideal balance between an urban city and the charm of a small town. You'll get over 100 warm days throughout the course of the year and you'll also find lower prices in property. It’s important to note that you would be in close proximity to a variety of parks, trails, highways, and many urban areas, such as shopping malls, such as Upper Canada Mall and several unique little boutiques in town. This makes it a spectacular place to retire as you’re still close to everything you would ever desire. The Real Estate in this quaint town also allows you to browse on a budget while still making sure that you aren't going to be too far away from the city life.


Average Sold Housing Price: $529K

(as of August-September 2018)

2 Bedroom Detached House: $406K
3 Bedroom Detached House: $605K
4 Bedroom Detached House: $525K
1 Bedroom Condo: $239K

When you need to live with calming nature right at your doorstep and the right blend of city location but great views, Georgina is where you'll find it all waiting for you.  The town of Georgina is the perfect combination of small town charm with touches of modern amenities throughout. This is the ideal location for senior citizens that would like to retire in the peaceful nature but also have urban amenities available to them. With affordable living and the right neighbourhood feel, Georgina is going to provide you with the gorgeous shoreline location that you crave but still make sure you're within the GTA. This ideal location is a great option for those with one income or a fixed retirement income. Georgina can offer what you need for quality living your way.

Niagara Falls

 Average Sold Housing Price: $610K

(as of August-September 2018)

1 Bedroom Townhouse: $517K
2 Bedroom Townhouse: $750K
3 Bedroom Townhouse: $952K
Studio Condo: $380K
1 Bedroom Condo: $557K
2 Bedroom Condo: $781K

Popular in terms of tourist attractions for stunning views and a great homey feel, this could be your home too!  You'll get a great blend of natural appeal with the right touch of city living that is perfect for the retiree looking for somewhere affordable to settle down and enjoy the finer things in life. How would you like to wake up, go for a stroll and take in the glory of the Niagara Falls? We’re sure this would be a picturesque dream for many seniors looking for a wonderful place to retire. Niagara Falls provides an assortment of beautifully-maintained trails and activities for its community members and tourists alike. The City of Niagara Falls prides itself in a strong sense of community and having an abundance of different exciting places and activities to explore and discover. For this reason, it is an exceptional place to call home. Keep in mind, you don't necessarily need to choose great views of the city, a good price, and excellent location within the GTA as specific options for retirement.  They're all available to you in one great package, if you know where to look.

Finding the right place to settle down and enjoy your golden years isn't about going out into the wild and finding a piece of land.  It's about knowing which GTA neighbourhoods to trust when you are looking at the benefits of retirement perks in a place that has the perfect balance between small town charm and an urban city – all without giving up the modern amenities in order to get there. 

To help you realize your dream, Envision Realty Inc. Brokerage is there to help you move your way towards finding what you're looking for when you need to rent or own in the right spot that is going to feel like home to you.  GTA is the enjoyable and affordable place to be, you just need to take a look at the real estate in those neighbourhoods to see it.