The Core Values An Apple Brings Will Surprise You

After a long summer of beautiful weather in Toronto, many Torontonians have luscious fruits still consistently falling from their trees in their yards. Whether it be apples, cherries, apricots, walnuts, or more, the bounty is just not enough to keep up with it seems. Well, we’ve found the perfect solution for you, homeowners! There is this amazing initiative called “Not Far From The Tree” that is a Toronto-based fruit picking project that is uniquely inspired by 3 specific things: “the spirit of sharing; the desire to give back to our community; and, a passion for environmentally sustainable living.”

If you are a Torontonian that has one or many fruit-bearing trees that need to be picked but you don’t have the time, Not Far From The Tree will come to your home and pick your fruit for you! All you have to do is register your tree, specify a time that you’d like them to pick the fruits, and then they divvy up the harvest in 3 ways: between the homeowner; their volunteers; and, to the local food banks, community kitchens and shelters.

This initiative is so remarkable and amazing, especially during this time of year, as the weather is now changing rapidly to colder temperatures. It’s extremely important for the community of Toronto to lend a helping hand, whether that is by volunteering to pick these fruits, or even donate these plentiful bounties of fruits to food banks, etc. There are many individuals that just don’t have food or shelter and these fruits will truly help them in a very wonderful way.

If you’d like to volunteer for Not Far From The Tree,    click here!

If you’d like to volunteer for Not Far From The Tree, click here!