The Best Toronto Neighbourhoods for Dogs

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Are you looking to move to the city, but want to do right by your furry friend? City living doesn’t mean your pet has to be left out of the loop. Here we’d like to make the case for Eastern Toronto containing some of the best neighbourhoods for dogs. We’ve already gone on at length about why we love our locale, but here we’ll take a look at some of the finest reasons why Leslieville, Riverdale, and Danforth Village are amazing choices if you want to be close to the action while still living an active life with your dog.

The areas we are covering today are largely just east of the Don Valley, meaning they have developed a bit later than much of central and western Toronto. This generally means that there is a bit more space for sunny sidewalk treks and grassy green parks to explore. Leslieville especially has a huge number of gyms, and joggers with and without pets are always heading up and down our streets. A highly active neighbourhood like this necessitates a lot of infrastructure to support it, and features for canine companions are no exception.

Here is a quick guide to some of the fantastic features you can find to make living in this trifecta of neighbourhoods a great fit for you and your friend.



Gerrard Carlaw Parkette Dog Park

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885 Gerrard St E

This park on the corner of Gerrard and Carlaw is a fantastic location just for dogs with plenty of room to run. It’s nothing fancy but it’s a great space to play catch and get some exercise for your pet!


West Riverdale Dog Park

375 Sumach St

Riverdale Park West is a massive park along the west Bayview Ave and the Don Valley. With a lovely dose of nature alongside many sports facilities. Enjoy the great views alongside your pet with trails to walk and an off-leash area.


Hideaway Park

23 Audley Ave

Like its name suggests, Hideaway Park is a small green space nestled in a residential area off Dundas and Pape. It has a wading pool and playground for children, as well as an off-leash area. This one is a bit smaller, so it’ll be better for smaller dog owners.


Withrow Dark Park

725 Logan Ave

This 8 hectare Park on Logan Ave south of Danforth has plenty of amenities for humans, including ball diamonds, tennis courts, a volleyball court, and an artificial ice rink for the winter. It also handily comes with a nice sized dog off-leash area




The Bone House

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946 Queen St E - Website

This Queen St boutique is an aesthetically pleasing and meticulously curated home for dog toys and food. They specialize in raw feeding, organic treats, eco-friendly toys and gear. They also offer boarding outside of town with a shuttle to take your friend to their massive country home.


Small Wonders Pets

148 Danforth Ave - Website

Conveniently located near Broadview Station, this little shop is jam packed full of a huge variety of different toys, comforts, and foods for all types of pets.


Timmie Doggie Outfitters

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1178 Queen St E - Website

A professionally designed boutique location for clothing, accessories, and designer toys and gourmet foods for your furry friend. They also offer grooming services so lush that you’ll be jealous of your pet.


Big Paws Inc

525 Carlaw Ave - Website

This dog food specialist has three locations, including one on nearby Carlaw. They offer locally sourced, high quality food for your pet with a staunch dedication to keeping it affordable. They make much of their food in store to ensure the highest quality possible. They even offer delivery for ease and convenience, which is especially important if you have big friends and no car!


Barkside Bistro East

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1125 Gerrard St E - Website

This Gerrard and Leslie location supplies organic and raw dog food, with only the best of Canadian brands. Educate yourself on your pet’s diet with their passionate and dedicated staff. Shop in store or online for convenient delivery.




The Centre for Canine Education Inc.

388 Carlaw Ave, Unit 103A - Website

This local business has a huge variety of classes and services to help train your dog, no matter what its temperament. Just a few of their classes include: puppy socialization, basic training for all ages, training for leash-reactive dogs, grooming help, and a separation anxiety program. They offer both online and in-person courses if you’re not local or don’t have the time. They even have a “Dog-Nerd Book Club,” which is free or pay what you can to participate in entertainment, education and discussion.



Dundas and Carlaw Area - Website

With a slogan like “your dog’s other best friend!”, you know Katy is committed to providing fun and helpful services for both dog and owner. Train together with your pet alongside a certified professional dog trainer with a focus on encouraging the bond between you and your dog, and positive reinforcement. Help yourself and your pet with polite leash walking, obedience training, behavioural modification, separation anxiety, socializing, trick training, and more!


A Leg Up Dog Daycare

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932 Eastern Ave, Toronto - Website

Serving Toronto for over a decade, A Leg Up is an experienced community go-to for housing and providing company for your companion while you’re away. They provide the finest in dog boarding (without cages), and dog day care, and will even visit your new puppy to help with its development and ease anxiety while you’re busy at work. They also have a professionally certified dog trainer on hand to work with you and your pet in classes or in private.



In Conclusion,

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From its easy walkability to its green parks and many pet-friendly features, we hope we’ve made a case for Leslieville, Riverdale and Danforth Village being great places to move if you have a dog. Have any other tips for city living with a pet, or any favourite locations or businesses to share? Shoot us a message and we’d love to add them to our list!  

If you’re looking to take our advice and move to our neck of the woods, feel free to contact us; we love showing off our neighbourhood and would be happy to help you find you and your pet your new home!